Teluk Melano is an isolated Malay village next to the Tanjung Datu national park which can only reached by boat from Sematan (no roads lead there, although people are using motorbykes there). It is relatively small, consisting of a number of Malay style houses, some of them on stilts. Coconut palms are everywhere. The beach of Teluk Melano is nice, but is of yellow sand, not white coral sand. Near Teluk Melano there are a number of other small beaches. From Teluk Melano it is possible to walk to the Tanjung Datu NP (3.7km, takes approx. 1 1/2 hours).
01 Bay 02 Bay
03 Teluk Melano beach 04 Teluk Melano beach 05 Teluk Melano beach 06 Beach and palm trees
07 Teluk Melano beach 08 Teluk Melano beach 09 Teluk Melano beach 10 Village house
11 Village path 12 Coconut trees 13 Coconut trees and path 14 Village house 15 Coconut trees and path
16 Village house 17 Village house 18 Village house 19 Pepper drying in the sun
20 Pepper drying in the sun 21 Pepper drying in the sun 22 Pepper drying in the sun
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