The coastal area of the Similajau national park consists of long stretches of beach with white or golden sand, interrupted by rock formations and freshwater streams. Some rock formations consist of coral rock. The coastlline is beautiful, especially in the later afternoon and shortly before the sunset. It is a very peaceful area, because it receives few visitors. To reach the more far away beaches you must either walk for a few hours along the jungle trails or charter a boat.
01 Beach with rocks 02 Golden sand 03 Creek estuary and sand bank 04 Beach with rocks
05 Rainforest on rock formation 06 Bay with rainforest 07 Rainforest and sea 08 Creek estuary
09 Beach and sea 10 Beach and sea 11 Hermit crab on sand 12 Beach and sea 13 Trees on beach
14 Beach and sea 15 Beach and sea 16 Trees on beach 17 Rainforest and sea
18 Rainforest on rocky outcrop 19 Rainforest and sea 20 Bay and rainforest 21 Rainforest and sea
22 Beach and sea 23 Beach and sea 24 Crab hole and sand balls 25 Beach and sunset
26 Beach and sunset 27 Beach and sunset
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