The Mulu national park contains some interesting rainforest covering a range of climatic environments from lowland rainforest to higher altitude forests. It is not easy to spot larger animals or mammals. Most of the wildlife which visitors run into are insects, other invertebrats, amphibians and reptiles (chameleons, snakes etc.). When visiting I ran into a pithon or boa type of snake lying on the wooden walkway, which disappeared before I could pull out the camera.
01 Nepentes pitcher plant 02 Nepentes pitcher plant 03 Nepentes pitcher plant 04 Green chameleon 05 Trees 06 Tropical rainforest
07 Plank way across tropical rainforest 08 Insect 09 Insect 10 Millipede 11 Millipede
12 Millipede 13 Plant 14 Plant 15 Insect 16 Worm
17 Caterpillar 18 River 19 Creek 20 Tree cover 21 Centipede
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