The central part of Kuching extends south from the Sarawak river and contains a number of colonial era heritage buildings. It is a pleasant area where to walk and experience local culture and history. The Old Courthouse near the Kuching waterfront was built in 1883. Initially it was used as a government office and venue for state ceremonies, later Sarawak state council meetings were held here. Today the building houses the visitors information centre.
01 Cat statue and fountain 02 Cat statue and fountain 03 Sarawak Plaza shopping mall 04 Jalan Padungan street
05 Tunku Abdul Rahman road 06 Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel and shopping complex 07 Tunku Abdul Rahman road 08 Shophouses on Jalan Main Bazaar 09 Shophouses on Jalan Main Bazaar
10 Shophouses in Leboh Wayang street 11 OCBC bank building 12 Bandaraya column monument 13 Bandaraya column monument 14 Five-foot covered walkway 15 Shophouses
16 James Brooke cafe and Hilton hotel 17 Shophouses 18 Jalan Padungan street 19 Pedestrian area 20 Kuching Division Mosque
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