The Bako National Park covers 2,742 hectares of a rugged sand stone peninsula to the east of the Bako River near Kuching. Millions of years of erosion have created a coastline of steep cliffs, rocky headlands and stretches of white, sandy bays. Wave erosion at the base of the cliffs has carved many of the rocks into fantastically shaped sea arches and seastacks.
Park vegetation includes beach forest, cliff vegetation, mangrove swamp, mixed dipterocarp, kerangas pole forest and padang scrub. Nearly every plant in Borneo is visible here. Animal highlights include the rare proboscis monkey, silver-leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques and monitor lizards.
How to get to the Bako national park
The only way to get to the Bako NP is via ferry from the jetty at the Bako village. A full boat (capable of carrying 5 visitors) costs RM 200.
There is accomodation in the park (stone bungalows with fan), but this needs to be booked in advance via the Bako NP website.
01 Plants 02 Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 03 Dicranopteris linearis ferns 04 Grass 05 Green Nepenthes (Pitcher plant)
06 Green Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 07 Green Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 08 Green Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 09 Green Nepenthes (Pitcher plant) 10 Plant 11 Nepenthes (Pitcher plant)
12 Plant 13 Plant 14 Borneo bearded pig 15 Butterfly 16 Dipterocarp tree
17 Proboscis monkey 18 Dragonfly 19 Bamboo with thorns 20 Germinating nut 21 Cerbera odollam nut tree
22 Silver leaf monkeys 23 Silver leaf monkeys 24 Silver leaf monkeys 25 Silver leaf monkey 26 Silver leaf monkey
01 Bako river and village 02 Bako river and village 03 Bako river and village 04 Mangroves along Bako river
05 Mangroves along Bako river 06 Coast 07 Sandstone cliffs along the coast 08 Sandstone cliffs along the coast 09 Sandstone rock and sea
10 Mangroves 11 Mangroves 12 View of bay with mangroves
13 Telok Assam beach 14 Sandstone rock and sea 15 Telok Sapi bay and sandstone cliffs
16 Sunset 01 Forest trail with tree roots 02 Sandstone and sand 03 Sandstone plateau 04 Jalan Lintang trail 05 Jalan Tajor trail
06 Tajor waterfall 07 Walkway 08 Telok Pandan Besar bay 09 Telok Pandan Besar bay 10 Sandstone cliff and jungle
11 Keranga plateau 12 Keranga plateau 13 Walkway 14 Sandstone rock and trees 15 Sandstone rocks and beach
16 Sandstone rocks and beach 17 Bear head rock 18 Sandstone rocks and beach 19 Sandstone rocks and jungle
20 Telok Sapi beach 21 Bear head rock 22 Beach with trees 01 Bako NP headquarter
02 River and mangroves 03 Mangroves
04 Sandstone plateau 05 Dacrydium pectinatum conifer 06 Forest trail
07 Nepenthes pitcher plant 08 View towards Teluk Pandan Kecil 09 Teluk Pandan Kecil bay 10 Wooden staircase
11 Teluk Pandan Kecil beach 12 Teluk Pandan Kecil beach 13 Teluk Pandan Kecil beach 14 Teluk Pandan Besar bay
15 Teluk Pandan Besar bay 16 Sandstone cliff and jungle 17 Pond and forest 18 Pond and forest 19 Forest trail
20 Johannesteijsmannia altifrons palm tree 21 Forest trail 22 Sandstone plateau 23 Sandstone plateau
24 Rivulet and water pool 25 Rocky area with small river 26 Forest trail 27 Sandstone trail 28 Sandstone plateau
29 Borneo bearded pig 30 Borneo bearded pig 31 Huntsman spider on leaf 32 Stick insect
33 Haaniella scabra stick insect 34 Green tree frog 35 Tarantula spider 36 Kalophrynus limbooliati frog
37 Bornean keeled green pit viper 38 Bornean keeled green pit viper 39 Bornean keeled green pit viper 40 Wooden staircase 41 Dicranopteris linearis fern
42 Dacrydium pectinatum conifer 43 Wooden planks trail 44 Sandstone plateau with trail
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