The Tip of Borneo, also known as Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, is the northernmost point of Borneo and lies 140km northwest of Kota Kinabalu. It is accessible from Kota Kinabalu via Kudat, and getting there from Kota Kinabalu takes approximately three hours by bus and taxi. The actual tip is a rocky promontory, separating the South China Sea from the Sulu sea. The closest city is Kudat which has 68000 inhabitants. Next to the headland there is a spherical monument set up in July 2004. Despite its remoteness the Tip of Borneo does attract quite a few tourists, most of them Malaysian. There are a number of resorts and homestays in the area. Adjacent to the Tip of Borneo is Pantai Kalampunian, a nice 3km long beach with white coral sand and clean seawater.
01 Small beach 02 Small beach
03 Kalampunian bay
04 Kalampunian bay and beach 05 Kalampunian beach
06 Kalampunian beach 07 White sand beach 08 White sand beach
09 Kalampunian beach 10 Kalampunian beach 11 Kalampunian beach 12 Kalampunian beach
13 Kalampunian beach 14 Kalampunian beach 15 Kalampunian beach
16 Kalampunian beach 17 Resort 18 Resort
19 Tampat do Aman resort 20 Rungus longhouse 21 Rungus longhouse 01 Road to Tip of Borneo
02 Road to Tip of Borneo 03 Globe monument 04 Globe monument 05 Tip of Borneo 06 Tip of Borneo
07 Staircase 08 Headland rocks 09 Headland 10 Headland
11 Promontory rocks 12 Promontory rocks 13 Promontory rocks
14 Photographer on headland
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