Adjacent to the Tip of Borneo are a few good beaches, of which the best and biggest one is Pantai Kalampunian, a nice 3km long beach with white coral sand and clean seawater. Snorkelling is possible and should be good, especially at the rocky northern end of the beach. On Pantai Kalampunian there are a few resorts and homestays offering Accommodation ranging from traditional Rungus longhouse style (Tampat do Aman) to more modern bungalows. South and east of Pantai Kalampunian there are more beaches, some with resorts. The whole area is still relatively undeveloped and does not yet receive many tourists, probably because it is a bit out of the main tourist tracks.
01 Small beach 02 Small beach
03 Kalampunian bay
04 Kalampunian bay and beach 05 Kalampunian beach
06 Kalampunian beach 07 White sand beach 08 White sand beach
09 Kalampunian beach 10 Kalampunian beach 11 Kalampunian beach 12 Kalampunian beach
13 Kalampunian beach 14 Kalampunian beach 15 Kalampunian beach
16 Kalampunian beach 17 Resort 18 Resort
19 Tampat do Aman resort 20 Rungus longhouse 21 Rungus longhouse
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