The Tabin wildlife reserve is located 25km northeast of Lahad Datu in eastern Sabah. It was initially set up in 1984 and extends for about 50km from east to west and 25kn from north to south. The reserve contains 11% of primary dipterocarp rainforest, and the rest is secondary rainforest. The Tabin reserve is surrounded by palm oil plantations. Inside there is some wildlife, large mammals such as for instance elephants, deer, monkeys and wild boar, although it is not easy to spot wildlife due to the dense forest. To reach the Tabin wildlife reserve, from Lahad Datu it's a one and a half hour drive on a paved road along the coast, followed by a gravel and mud road which passes through a number of palm oil plantations before reaching the resort.
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10 photos of the gravel road which leads from the coast to tht Tabin wildlife reserve
11 photos of the Tabin Wildlife Resort, the only Accommodation in the Tabin reserve
22 photos of the rainforest in the Tabin wildlife reserve
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