Due to the inaccessibility of the Maliau basin, it has never been inhabited and never been logged. As a result the forest inside the basin is primary rainforest and due to the isolation there are a number of endemic species. There is also abundant wildlife, which however is not easy to spot as it is spread across the jungle and not concentrated in one place. Some logging activities are ongoing in the buffer zone outside the actual basin. In the southern part of the Maliau basin, the one accessible to tourists, there are a number of trails connecting the various camps and some of the waterfalls.
01 Panoramic view of the Maliau basin 02 Tall tree
03 Tropical rainforest 04 Maliau basin forest 05 Tropical rainforest
06 Maliau basin forest 07 Start of trail to Ginseng camp 08 Trail to Ginseng camp 09 Trail to Ginseng camp 10 Broken tree
11 Dipterocarp tree 12 Tree roots 13 Rainforest 14 Trees and forest canopy 15 Tree roots 16 Majestic tree
17 Tree roots 18 Trees and forest canopy 19 Dipterocarp tree 20 Trail to Ginseng camp 21 Forest stream
22 Night sky with stars 23 Night sky with stars 24 Trail to Ginseng camp 25 Dipterocarp tree 26 Trail and diperocarp tree
27 Trail to Ginseng camp 28 Rainforest trail 29 Dipterocarp tree 30 Rainforest 31 Trail to Ginseng camp
32 Trail across trees 33 Rainforest trees 34 Trail to Ginseng camp 35 Rainforest trees 36 Dipterocarp tree
37 Rainforest trees 38 Dipterocarp tree 39 Panoramic view of the Maliau basin
40 Panoramic view of the Maliau basin
41 Panoramic view of the Maliau basin
42 Panoramic view of the Maliau basin
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