Kota Kinabalu, formerly known as Jesselton, is the capital of the Malaysian state of Sabah. Not much is left of the former colonial architecture because Kota Kinabalu was largely destroyed during World War II. Kota Kinabalu (KK) is a small, pleasant town which can serve as a basis to explore the region. The main attractions near Kota Kibabalu are the islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman national park, with their white coral sand beaches and crystal clear waters, the town of Kota Belud with its colourful Sunday market and the Mt Kinabalu national park where the highest peak of SE Asia is located.
01 Clock tower 02 Sabah tourism board building 03 Palm tree 04 Arch 05 Roasted ducks 06 Roasted ducks
07 Steamed chicken with soya sauce and spices 08 Padang Merdeka sports field 09 Hairdresser pricelist
10 Chinese temple 11 Lampposts in Sinsuran street 12 Meridien hotel 13 Shops in Tun Fuad Stephen street 14 Quiksilver apparel shop
15 Tun Fuad Stephen street at night 16 Colourful building facade 17 Hotel Traveller 18 Colourful shops 19 Colourful shops
20 Bus station 21 KFC restaurant 22 Sunday market 23 Sunday market 01 Boardwalk at sunset
02 Boardwalk at sunset 03 Boardwalk at sunset 04 Tourists taking sunset photos from the boardwalk 05 Cafe tables on the boardwalk
06 Cafe tables on the boardwalk 07 Tourists taking sunset photos from the boardwalk 08 Tourists taking sunset photos from the boardwalk 09 Cafe tables on the boardwalk 10 Restaurant at dusk
11 Restaurant at dusk 12 Pubs at dusk 13 Cafe tables on the boardwalk 14 Cafe tables on the boardwalk 15 Waterfront at sunset
16 Cafe tables on the boardwalk 17 Entering the boat 18 Boardwalk 19 Roundabout with marlin statue
20 Fish statue 21 Promenade 22 Ferry terminal building 23 Ferry terminal building
01 Likas floating mosque 02 Likas floating mosque 03 Blue dome 04 Minaret
05 Blue dome 01 City Parade mall 02 KK Plaza mall 03 Gaya Centre building 04 Gaya Centre building
05 Suria Sabah shopping mall 06 Suria Sabah shopping mall 07 Suria Sabah shopping mall 08 Suria Sabah shopping mall
09 Suria Sabah shopping mall interior 01 Kota Kinabalu bay at sunset 02 Kota Kinabalu bay at sunset
03 Kota Kinabalu bay at sunset 04 Fishing boats 05 Labuan Express boat
06 Bay and waterfront 07 Ferry terminal
08 Ferry terminal
09 Pulau Gaya island
10 Boats 11 Kota Kinabalu skyline
12 Kota Kinabalu skyline 13 Kota Kinabalu skyline
14 Kota Kinabalu skyline
15 Kota Kinabalu skyline 01 Airport sunset
02 Sunset and plane 03 Airport terminal 1 hall 04 Queueing up at the check-in counter 05 Airport terminal 1 06 Airport terminal 1
07 Airport terminal 1 08 Airport terminal 1 parking area 09 Airport terminal 1 10 Airport terminal 1 hall
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