With a total length of 560 kilometers the Sungai Kinabatangan river in Sabah is the second longest river in Malaysia, and flows from the mountains of southwest Sabah the Sulu Sea, east of Sandakan. While the upstream part of the river has been heavily logged, the dual threats of piracy and flooding have kept its lower reaches largely free of development and as a consequence the lower Kinabatangan river area is full of wildlife. It is the largest forested plain in Malaysia and was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1999. The area where wildlife is most easily viewed is close to the village of Sukau, 134 km from Sandakan.
01 Guesthouse jetty 02 Boats in the river 03 Riverbank with dense jungle 04 Kinabatangan river in Sukau
05 Kinabatangan river in Sukau 06 Jackfruit tree 07 River and jungle at the Temonggoh limestone rock formation 08 River and jungle at the Temonggoh limestone rock formation
09 Jungle treetops 10 River and jungle at the Temonggoh limestone rock formation 11 Riverbank with dense jungle
12 Riverbank with dense jungle 13 Water hyacinth 14 Riverbank with dense jungle 15 Riverbank with dense jungle 16 Village mosque
17 Old Ben lodge 18 Jetty of Sukau rainforest lodge 19 Boat with tourists 01 Houses
02 House and telecommunications tower 03 Houses on main street 04 Harbour and jetty 05 School building
06 Main square 01 Orangutan mother with baby 02 Black fly 03 Borneo pygmy elephant
04 Borneo pygmy elephant 05 Borneo pygmy elephant 06 Borneo pygmy elephant grazing 07 Borneo pygmy elephants feeding 08 Borneo pygmy elephants
09 Borneo pygmy elephants 10 Borneo pygmy elephant 11 Borneo pygmy elephant 12 Borneo pygmy elephant 13 Borneo pygmy elephant
14 Proboscis monkey colony 15 Female proboscis monkey 16 Proboscis monkey colony 17 Male proboscis monkey 18 Male proboscis monkey
19 Male proboscis monkey 20 Male proboscis monkey 21 Macaque monkeys cleaning each other 22 Macaque monkey 23 Monitor lizard resting on tree
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