A selection of pictures of the trail which leads to the summit of Mt Kinabalu. Visitors start the climb at the Timpohon gate (1866m) and reach the Laban Rata resthouse (3300m) on day one. The vegetation along the trail changes with increasing altitude from tropical to alpine. Most climbers leave the resthouse the following day between 3am and 4am, reaching the summit before 6am, in time to experience the breathtaking sunrise. After that, the descent back to the Timpohon gate - 2300 meter of altitude difference - takes an exhausting four to six hours.
00 Map 01 Timpohon gate 02 Summit trail 03 Waterfall 04 Summit trail
05 Trail through the mist 06 Summit trail 07 Summit trail 08 Summit trail 09 Summit trail 10 Antennas
11 Summit trail 12 Summit trail 13 Summit trail 14 View at 2700 meters 15 Summit trail 16 Km 8 at 5 37am
17 Last 500 meters 18 The way back 19 Climbers descending Mt Kinabalu
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