Due to its remoteness and isolation the rainforest in the Imbak canyon has never been logged and is still quite unexplored, and has a number of species endemic to the area. The forest here is primary lowland rainforest with many very tall and old trees. From the studies centre there currently are two circular forest trails which are open to the public: a riverine trail which proceeds along the river, leading to the Belian camp and the Imbak waterfall and returning to the studies centre via the Bukit Imbak hill. The second trail is shorter and leads into the rainforest to a place where many Nepenthes pitcher plants grow.
01 Treetops 02 Tall tree 03 Tall tree 04 Treetops
05 Riverine trail 06 Riverine trail 07 Riverine trail 08 Riverine trail 09 Tall trees
10 Tree trunk 11 Big Belian tree 12 Tree leaves 13 Tree leaves 14 Tree leaves 15 Riverine trail
16 Forest canopy 17 Dipterocarp tree 18 Dipterocarp tree roots 19 Tall trees 20 Rainforest
21 Dipterocarp tree roots 22 Dipterocarp tree roots 23 Rainforest trail 24 Tall tree 25 Rainforest trail 26 Rainforest trail
27 Rainforest trail 28 Palm tree 29 Treetops
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