The Garama river is a wetlands area of lowland forest and mangroves in the Padas Damit forest reserve on the Klias peninsula in Sabah, about 20km northwest of Beaufort and 90km southwest of Kota Kinabalu (KK). Tour operators in KK offer daytrips (usually half-day in the afternoon) and overnight trips to the Garama river. These offer the opportunity to see proboscis monkeys who live along the river and fireflies when it gets dark. These trips typically include the minibus transfer from/to KK, an afternoon tea, a wildlife-spotting boat trip on the Garama river and a dinner. The scenery is pleasant and consists of swamps, tropical rainforest, mangroves and nipa palms.
01 Swamp 02 Boat with tourists 03 Boat with tourists
04 Boat with tourists 05 Trees along Garama river 06 Boat with tourists 07 Nipa nuts
08 Green fruits 09 Green fruits 10 Proboscis monkey 11 Proboscis monkey
12 Proboscis monkey 13 Tropical rainforest 14 Mangroves 15 Mangroves 16 Tourists with guide
17 Proboscis monkey 18 Tropical rainforest 19 Tourist boat 20 Treetop 21 Nipa palm
22 Sunset 23 Sunset 24 Fireflies 25 Fireflies
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