The Danum valley conservation area was established in 1981 for the purpose of rainforest-related conservation, research, education and recreation. It consists of 438 sq km of primary dipterocarp rainforest located around the Danum river 65 km to the west of Lahad Datu and is owned by the Sabah foundation. While there probably is lot of wildlife in the area, it is very difficult to see any wildlife. In the two days I spent there, staying in the Borneo rainforest lodge, the biggest animal I saw was a pheasant-like bird walking around - the other animals I saw were just insects. When driving back to Lahad Datu we spotted the orangutan in picture 25, several hundred of metres away from the road on a tree. A much better place to spot wildlife is the Kinabatangan river area.
01 Mud road 02 Mud road and 4wd vehicle 03 Sungai Danum river 04 Sungai Danum river
05 Sungai Danum river 06 Walkway in jungle 07 Anthill 08 Sungai Danum river
09 Dipterocarp trees 10 Centipede 11 Rolled centipede 12 Canopy walkway 13 Jungle treetops
14 Jungle treetops 15 Canopy walkway 16 Canopy walkway 17 Canopy walkway 18 Jungle treetops 19 Tropical rainforest
20 Jungle treetops 21 Jungle treetops 22 Rainforest ground 23 Tropical rainforest 24 Tropical rainforest
25 Orangutan on tree
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