The Ulu Kimanis substation is located along the road from Keningau to the coast at about 1000m of altitude. A small road leads from the main road initially to a security gate, where park visitors pay an entrance fee. GFrom there it's a short drive to the Manis Manis Rooftop of Borneo resort and the nearby Crocker Nature Centre, a facility with a small lecture room and a gallery display. From the Crocker nature centre there are two trails, a 2km one which leads across the rainforest to the park headquarter and a shorter one, the Pine trail, which leads to the staff quarters. A wooden observation tower offers good views of the Crocker range towards Keningau.
01 Crocker range 02 Crocker range 03 Terraced hills
04 Terraced hills 05 Southern Crocker range 06 Forest trail
07 Start of Crocker trail 08 Crocker trail 09 Forest trail 10 Crocker trail 11 Crocker trail
12 Crocker trail 13 Forest trail 14 Crocker trail 15 Waterfall 16 Waterfall
17 Crocker trail 18 Gazebo 19 Crocker range national park
20 Crocker range national park 21 Road inside the park
22 Banana trees 23 View towards Keningau
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