The Mahua substation is in the north of the Crocker range national park in the Tambunan district, about 14km from Tambunan. To access it, visitors drive from Tambunan towards Ranau and turn left at the Kampung Patau junction. From there it is a 6km drive along a narrow and steep mountain road. Faciities are rather basic and include a parking area, an administration building and a security gate. From the parking area there is a short, 500m trail in very good condition to the Mahua waterfall. The trail crosses pristine rainforest to reach the beautiful Mahua waterfall (17m tall). Basic shelters and picnic facilities are available near the waterfall. Rafflesias grow at the Mahua substation.
01 Mahua substation 02 Security gate 03 Rainforest 04 Path to waterfall 05 Path to waterfall
06 Path to waterfall 07 Tall trees 08 Mahua forest stream 09 Mahua river 10 Mahua river
11 Path to waterfall and gazebo 12 Waterfall 13 Waterfall 14 Mahua waterfall 15 Mahua river and waterfall
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