These are some shots of the interior of the main Rungus longhouse of the Bavanggazo settlement. This consists of a number of living quarters for the families of the local community which all open into a large common space. The interior of the Rungus longhouse is well ventilated and fresh even during the hottest hours of the day. Traditional bowl gong musical instruments are kept in the common hall. Nowadays the Rungus longhouses in Bavanggazo are open for tourists who can stay overnight.
01 Inside the Rungus longhouse 02 Inside the Rungus longhouse 03 Common hall 04 Common hall 05 Common hall
06 Hall with bowl gong instruments 07 Hall with bowl gong instruments 08 Covered passage 09 Passageway 10 Passageway
11 Common area inside the longhouse 12 Living quarters 13 Bamboo floor 14 Living quarters 15 Handicrafts
16 Bead jewelry for sale 17 Colourful scarves
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