The Tumpat district lies in Kelantan, about 10km northwest of Kota Bharu and adjacent to the Thai border. The district takes its name from the small town of Tumpat. While the town is rather unimpressive, the district is quite interesting due to the large number of Thai Buddhist temples present in the area, some of which are quite picturesque. The temples were erected by the local Thai minority and by Chinese Buddhists. To visit them it is advisable to either book a tour or rent a car, because public transportation is not adequate to visit the temples. In the Tumpat district rice is intensively grown, with plenty of rice paddies everywhere. Pantai Sri Tujuh is a beach to the northwest of Kota Bharu, close to the Thai border. This is a long, sandy beach extending for a few km until the Thai border. In the evenings the local population comes here for dinner or for shopping in the open air markets.
01 Reclining Buddha statue
02 Inner court
03 Pavilion 04 Dharmacakra wheel 05 Reclining Buddha statue 06 Garden and fountain
07 Reclining Buddha statue 01 Pavilion 02 Seated Buddha statue 03 Seated Buddha statue
04 Seated Buddha statue 05 Fountain and pavilion 06 Desert rose 07 Statue of Chinese god 08 Decorated pillars
09 Pink seated Buddha statue 10 Inner court and seated Buddha 11 Seated Buddha statue 12 Seated Buddha statue 13 Pink seated Buddha statue
01 Main gate 02 Golden stupa 03 Temple 04 Female Buddha statue 05 Female Buddha statue
06 Golden stupa and gate 07 School building 08 School building
01 Main temple with standing Buddha 02 Pillar with winding dragon 03 Pavilion and main temple 04 Dragon boat temple
05 Temple hall with seated Buddha statue 01 Inner court
02 Stupas 03 Small temple 04 Red roof 05 Small temple
06 Golden Buddha statues 07 Standing Buddha statue 08 Gold mosaic standing Buddha 09 Inner court and temples
10 Elephant god statue 11 Pink candles 12 Standing Buddha statue 13 Inner court and temples
01 Riding horses on the beach 02 Youngsters on motorbikes 03 Car parking 04 Pantai Seri Tujuh beach
05 Pantai Seri Tujuh beach 06 People on the beach 07 Pantai Seri Tujuh beach 08 Malay girls
09 Seawater 10 Seawater 01 Street in Kampung Jirat 02 Irrigation channel and rice paddy
03 Rice paddy 04 Paddy field
05 Paddy field 06 Rice paddy 07 Malay father and son on motorbike 08 Malay father and son on motorbike 09 Minaret in Kampung Jirat
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