The Gua Ikan cave complex is located about 7km to the south of Dabong, a small city in Kelantan. The complex consists of three caves, Gua Gelap, Gua Pagar and Gua Keris. These limestone caves are quite impressive, with large chambers, stalagmites, stalactites and other rock formations. Access to the caves is possible by car (there is a parking near the cave entrances). It's recommended to visit the caves with a guide, who will be able to show the caves highlights. A narrow and small passage leads into Gua Pagar, so narrow that in one point visitors have to crawl on the ground.
01 Parking 02 Narrow passage 03 Narrow passage 04 Tourist guide 05 Cave entrance
06 Main chamber 07 Cave roof opening 08 Large chamber with god light 09 Light entering from roof opening 10 Light entering from roof opening
11 Stalactites 12 Rock formations 13 Cave 14 Drapery rock formations 15 Tiny ponds rock formation 16 Tiny ponds rock formation
17 Limestone rock walls 18 Terrace rock formation 19 Small terraces rock formation 20 Small terraces rock formation
21 Plants growing in cave 22 Cave path 23 Main chamber 24 Main chamber
25 Main chamber
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