Kelantan is a state in the northeast of peninsular Malaysia bordering Thailand to the north, the gulf of Thailand to the east and extending until the central Titiwangsa mountain range in the west. It covers an area of 15099 km² and has a population of 1.5 million inhabitants. Its capital is Kota Bharu. Kelantan has been settled since prehistoric times and became part of the Malaysian federation in 1948. It's one of the more strictly Muslim states in Malaysia. Kelantan is usually used as an access point to the east coast islands, but has also an interesting interior with some mountain areas and national parks and a pleasant coastline.
Gua Ikan cave photo gallery  - 25 pictures of Gua Ikan cave
Gunung Stong State Park photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Gunung Stong State Park
Miscellaneous photos photo gallery  - 8 pictures of Miscellaneous photos
Kota Bharu photo gallery  - 24 pictures of Kota Bharu
25 photos of the Gua Ikan cave complex near Dabong
14 photos of the Gunung Stong state park, the site of the tallest waterfall in west Malaysia
8 miscellaneous photos of Kelantan
24 photos of Kota Bharu, the capital of the Malaysian state of Kelantan
Tumpat photo gallery  - 65 pictures of Tumpat
65 photos of Tumpat, a district in Kelantan with many Thai Buddhist temples
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