Suria KLCC is an elegant high end mall located at the base of the Petronas Towers. It spans over six floors, housing luxury and fashionable goods retail outlets, as well as cafes, restaurants, a large cinema, a concert hall and an art gallery. The name derives from "suria" which in Bahasa Malaysia means sunshine. Suria KLCC opened on August 31, 1999 and has 140000 sqm of exhibition area.
01 Chinese New Year decorations 02 Side wing with shops 03 Steel glass roof 04 Corridor with stands 05 Corridor with stands 06 Central court with exhibition
07 Chinese New Year decorations 08 Lift 09 Central court and floors with shops 10 Lift and Christmas tree 11 Lift and Christmas tree 12 Floors with shops
13 Floors with shops 14 Floors with shops 15 GAP store 16 Escalators 17 Central court
18 Central court
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