Bukit Bintang street lies in the centre of the Golden Triangle area. With several adjacent shopping malls hotels, cafes and restaurants it is a tourist magnet and a major shopping area in KL. Parallel to Bukit Bintang street lies Jalan Alor, which is full of restaurants and open-air eateries.
01 Pudu street 02 Puduraya bus station 03 Swiss garden hotel 04 Bukit Bintang street 05 Signboards in Bukit Bintang street
06 Bukit Bintang street 07 Bukit Bintang street 08 KL tower 09 KL tower 10 Intersection between Bukit Bintang and Sultan Ismail streets 11 Bukit Bintang monorail station
12 Raja Chulan street 13 Food stalls in Jalan Alor 14 Food stalls in Jalan Alor 15 Food stalls in Jalan Alor 16 Food stall in Jalan Alor at night
17 Food stalls in Jalan Alor 18 Srirekha Indian restaurant 19 Times Square complex 20 Crumbling colonial architecture buildings
21 Billboard at dusk 22 KL tower at night 23 KL tower at night
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