The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is a zoo for birds in the Lake Gardens park in central KL. It is basically a set of huge cages and enclosures into which visitors enter and can observe a variety of tropical birds at close distance. A popular tourist, it receives 200000 visitors/year. This bird park houses more than 5000 birds from more than 50 species. The Bird Park lies very close to the Butterfly Park.
01 Main entrance 02 Yellow and blue parakeets 03 Yellow parakeet 04 Green rose ringed parakeet
05 White heron 06 White heron 07 White heron 08 Crowned pigeon 09 White heron
10 White heron 11 Yellow billed stork 12 Black hornbill 13 Black hornbill 14 Black hornbill
15 Lory parrot 16 Lories parrots 17 Man feeding lory parrot 18 Red lories parrots 19 Yellow billed storks
20 Yellow billed storks fishing 21 Yellow billed stork fishing 22 Yellow billed storks 23 Flamingoes 24 Crowned pigeon
25 Peacock 26 Flamingoes 27 Blue and yellow Macaw parrot 28 Yellow parrot 29 White heron
30 Peacock head 31 Yellow billed stork 32 Pelicans
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