Pulau Hujong is an island 12km off Mersing covered with dense forest. It has a longish beach on its west side with some buildings on it, but no jetty. Near Hujong lies the Pulau Tengah island. This has several beaches, one with some buildings. At the time of visiting construction for a new resort was going on.
A few km from Hujong lies Pulau Rawa, an idyllic island with a dream of a beach and one resort. Very close to Rawa (10 minutes by boat), further to the north lies the island of Pulau Gual. It is uninhabited, has no jetty, almost no trees and just one short beach. North of Gual, a short distance by boat, lies the island of Pulau Mensirip. Mensirip is densely forested and has a long white coral sand beach on the south side. There is no Accommodation whatsoever on Mensirip and no jetty. Pulau Harimau is the northernmost of this grouplet of islands and is quite close to Mensirip. Harimau is uninhabited, has almost no trees and just one beach on the south side. On its highest point there is an observation platform and a radio beacon accessible via a staircase.
01 Beach on Hujong island 02 Beach on Hujong island 03 Hujong island 04 Rocky coast on Hujong island
05 Rainforest on Hujong island 06 Hujong island 07 Rocky coast on Hujong island
08 Tengah island 09 Beach of Tengah island 10 Resort on Tengah island 11 Beach of Tengah island
12 Beach of Tengah island 13 Beach of Tengah island 14 Gual island
15 Beach of Gual island 16 Gual island 17 Mensirip island
18 Beach of Mensirip island 19 Beach of Mensirip island 20 Beach of Mensirip island
21 Harimau island 22 Harimau island
23 Beach of Harimau island
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