A selection of pictures of Perhentian Kecil, the smaller of the Perhentian islands. The main beach of P. Kecil is Long Beach, a long and wide stretch of white coral sand. This beach, which probably gets the bulk of all tourists visiting Perhentian, has undergone considerable development since my last visit in 1999. As you will see in the photos displayed below, nowadays there are lots of boats and many resorts on this beach. On the opposite side of Perhentian Kecil there are several smaller beaches. One of these is Coral bay (see the image below).
01 View of Perhentian Kecil 02 View of Perhentian Kecil 03 View of Perhentian Kecil
04 Long beach 05 Long beach 06 Long beach
07 Long beach 08 Long beach 09 Long beach 10 Catamaran
11 Sand 12 Monitor lizard 13 Monitor lizard 14 Monitor lizard
15 Coral bay
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