The fishing port of Mersing, at the mouth the Sungai Mersing river at the southern end of Malaysia's east coast, 136km north of Johor Bahru, is the departure point for the ferries to Tioman and the other islands of the Seribuat archipelago. With a bit over 21000 inhabitants it is a pleasant small city and an ideal base from which to explore the islands of the Seribuat archipelago and the Endau Rompin national park.
01 Street with hotels and shops 02 Building block with shops 03 Bus stop near jetty 04 Clock tower
05 Masjid Jamek mosque 06 Masjid Jamek mosque 07 Panoramic view of Johor Bahru and bay 08 Masjid Jamek mosque
09 Royal palm 10 Royal palm fruits 11 Royal palm fruits 12 Street with shops 13 Street with shops and bank
14 Street with shops 15 Chinese temple 16 Chinese temple
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