Pulau Lang Tengah is a small island lying between the Perhentian and Redang islands, about 20km off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. From the harbour of Merang it takes about 40 minutes to reach the island by boat. Lang Tengah has beautiful beaches and is surrounded by crystal clear water. The beaches are all on the southwestern side of the island. Lang Tengah is covered by rainforest and the max. elevation is approx. 100m. A small path connects the beaches with the northeastern side of the island. Accommodation on the island consists of a few resorts, among which the Sari Pacifica is currently the most luxurious one. Trips to Lang Tengah must be booked in advance with a travel agent and these are all-inclusive packages.
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18 photos of the main beach of Lang Tengah
15 photos of Batu June, a rocky area separating the two beaches of Lang Tengah
8 photos of a beach on the southwestern end of Lang Tengah
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14 miscellaneous photos of Lang Tengah
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