Central Johor is the area between the train line to the east and the Istana Besar palace complex to the west. Major sights this area are the colourful Sri Mariamman Hindu temple, the Johor temple and the Sultan Ibrahim building, completed in 1939 in Malay and Saracenic architectural styles. In the nearby pedestrian area there are several food stalls and restaurants as well as several shops. The Kotaraya shopping mall is one of the many shopping malls in Johor Bahru.
01 Hindu gift and flower shop 02 Flower chains 03 Sri Mariamman Hindu temple 04 Sultan Ibrahim building 05 Sultan Ibrahim building
06 Skyscraper 07 Skyscraper 08 Jackfruits 09 Jackfruits
10 Rambutan fruits 11 Pedestrian area with billboards 12 Kotaraya shopping mall 13 Kotaraya shopping mall
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