A selection of pictures of Kampung Cerating, also known as Cherating, a lovely village located along the east coast of Malaysia. It is a quiet and laid back seaside resort with a very long beach. Situated approximately 47 kilometers north of Kuantan, it is easily accessible by road. North of Cherating lies the Club Med resort. Cerating is nice for relaxing for a few days, but the sea water is not crystal clear and is not deep enough to swim. When I was there the sea water was full of jellyfish.
01 Resort 02 Resort 03 Resort 04 Beach 05 Rocks
06 Rocks 07 Coastal forest 08 Coastal forest 09 Club Med beach 10 Club Med beach
11 Club Med beach 12 Beach 13 Lizard 14 Beach 15 Jellyfish
16 Jellyfish harvest
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