The republic of Macedonia (Македонија in Macedonian) is a small landlocked country in southeastern Europe on the Balkan peninsula. It borders Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south and Albania to the west. It has an area of 25713 km2 and a population of 2 million inhabitants. The territory is mostly mountainous, with Mt Korab (2764m) as the highest mountain. The region around the capital Skopje, in the centre-north of Macedonia is relatively plain. The national language is Macedonian a southern Slavic language, but 25% of the population consists of ethnic Albanians.
Macedonia has been settled since prehistoric times, but until 1991 always was part of some empire (Roman, Byzantyne, Serbian, Ottoman). In 1991 it became independent following a referendum about the secession from Yugoslavia.
Since the independence Macedonia has developed a market economy, undergoing considerable economic reform. Despite that Macedonia is a relatively poor country, with a per capita GDP which was 36% of the EU average in 2014.
How to get to Macedonia
Macedonia can be reached by car, plane (international airports in Skopje and Ohrid) or train.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals.

01 Stone bridge 02 Archaeological museum of Macedonia
03 Central square and stone bridge 04 Hotel Marriott 05 Macedonia square
06 Justinian I statue and museum of Macedonian struggle 07 Justinian I statue and stone bridge 08 Justinian I statue
09 Stone bridge 10 Bridge of civilisations in Macedonia 11 Bronze statue of Greek warrior 12 Bridge of civilisations in Macedonia
13 Statue on bridge of civilisations in Macedonia 14 Museum of Macedonian struggle 15 Fountain of the mothers of Macedonia 16 Phillip II of Macedon fountain
17 Macedonian struggle museum and holocaust memorial centre
18 Macedonian struggle museum and holocaust memorial centre 19 Equestrian statues and archaeological museum
20 Archaeological museum of Macedonia 21 Porta Macedonia 22 Porta Macedonia
23 Macedonia square 24 Macedonia square
25 Macedonia square 26 Alexander the Great statue 27 Stone bridge
28 Boatmen of Thessaloníki monument 29 Archaeological museum of Macedonia 30 Government agencies
31 Stone bridge on Vardar river 32 Archaeological museum of Macedonia 33 Archaeological museum of Macedonia
34 Monument of St Cyril and Methodius and square 35 Mothers of Macedonia monument at night 36 Phillip II of Macedon fountain
37 Alexander the Great statue 38 View of Mt Vodno from Stone bridge 39 Porta Macedonia 40 Porta Macedonia
01 Skopje fortress 02 Fortress towers 03 Fortress towers
04 Kale fortress 05 Skopje fortress 06 Mustafa Pasha mosque
07 Fortress inner court 08 Fortress walls 09 Fortress walls 10 Old Turkish bazaar
11 Old Turkish bazaar 12 Street in old bRestaurant in old bazaarar 13 Old Turkish bazaar 14 Street in old bazaar 15 Old Turkish bazaar
16 Restaurant in old bazaar 17 Skopje fortress 18 Riverfront
19 Skopje fortress at night 20 Skopje fortress at night
01 Parking of Macedonian Village 02 Macedonian village 03 Macedonian village 04 Macedonian village
05 Macedonian village 06 Restaurant 07 Macedonian village house
08 Macedonian village 09 Church of St Panteleimon 10 Church of St Panteleimon
11 Mt Vodno parking 12 Parking overlooking Skopje
01 Building facade 02 St Constantine and Elena church 03 Telekom building 04 Stone Bridge hotel
05 South East European university 06 St Demetrius clock tower 07 Museum of Macedonian struggle and Macedonian national theatre
08 South East European university 09 Gotse Deltchev boulevard 10 Telekom Arena stadium
11 Skopje skyline 12 St Mother of God church 13 St Mother of God church
14 Vero center shopping mall 15 Vero center shopping mall
16 Panoramic view of Skopje
17 Panoramic view of Skopje
18 Panoramic view of Skopje
19 Panoramic view of Skopje 20 Chuch of St Demetrius 21 Chuch of St Demetrius
01 Pedestrian area 02 City square of Ohrid
03 Ohrid lake 04 Catcher of a cross statue 05 Motorbikes
06 Ohrid waterfront
07 Ohrid lake
08 Lake Ohrid
09 Harbour 10 Church of St Sophia
11 Church of St Sophia 12 Church of St Sophia 13 Church of St Sophia
14 Ilindenska street 15 Ilindenska street 16 Ancient theatre 17 Holy Mary Perybleptos church
18 Ohrid 19 Path to Ohrid fortress
20 Ohrid
21 Ohrid 22 Macedonian flag 23 Samuel fortress wall
24 Ohrid 25 Samuel fortress tower 26 Holy Mary Perybleptos church
27 Ohrid lake 28 Byzantine church of St Panteleimon 29 Church of St Clement and Panteleimon
30 Byzantine church of St Panteleimon 31 Holy Mary Perybleptos church 32 Church of St Clement and Panteleimon 33 Mosaic on St Panteleimon church
34 Ohrid lake 35 Church of St Clement and Panteleimon
36 Church of St John at Kaneo 37 Church of St John at Kaneo 38 Church of St John at Kaneo
39 Ohrid lake 40 Girls in traditional costumes 41 City walls 42 Ilindenska street
43 Ancient theatre 44 Ancient theatre 45 Ancient theatre
46 Samuel fortress 47 Road to fortress
48 Samuel fortress 49 Pink flowers 50 Samuel fortress 51 Samuel fortress 52 Samuel fortress main gate
53 Samuel fortress interior
54 Samuel fortress interior 55 Fortress and lake
56 Lake Ohrid and mountains 57 Fortress and lake 58 Samuel fortress 59 Samuel fortress
60 Ohrid 61 Ohrid
62 View of Ohrid from fortress 63 Fortress and lake 64 Byzantine church of St Panteleimon
65 Byzantine church of St Panteleimon 66 Fortress and lake
67 Ohrid lake
68 Ohrid lake and fortress 69 Rampart
70 Fortress and lake 71 Samuel fortress rampart 72 Beach
73 Krushev square 74 Mosque
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