About 80% of Skopje, including the neoclassical buildings in the centre of the city, was destroyed in the 1963 earthquake. Skopje was then rebuilt in modernist architecture, but then, after the year 2000 a number of buildings were constructed in ancient or classical style to give the city a more pleasing image. The centre of Skopje around Macedonia square and the Stone Bridge was remodeled with a number of builsings in ancient or neoclassical style and many statues with a connection to antiquity. As such the centre is very cute and photogenic.
01 Stone bridge 02 Archaeological museum of Macedonia
03 Central square and stone bridge 04 Hotel Marriott 05 Macedonia square
06 Justinian I statue and museum of Macedonian struggle 07 Justinian I statue and stone bridge 08 Justinian I statue
09 Stone bridge 10 Bridge of civilisations in Macedonia 11 Bronze statue of Greek warrior 12 Bridge of civilisations in Macedonia
13 Statue on bridge of civilisations in Macedonia 14 Museum of Macedonian struggle 15 Fountain of the mothers of Macedonia 16 Phillip II of Macedon fountain
17 Macedonian struggle museum and holocaust memorial centre
18 Macedonian struggle museum and holocaust memorial centre 19 Equestrian statues and archaeological museum
20 Archaeological museum of Macedonia 21 Porta Macedonia 22 Porta Macedonia
23 Macedonia square 24 Macedonia square
25 Macedonia square 26 Alexander the Great statue 27 Stone bridge
28 Boatmen of Thessaloníki monument 29 Archaeological museum of Macedonia 30 Government agencies
31 Stone bridge on Vardar river 32 Archaeological museum of Macedonia 33 Archaeological museum of Macedonia
34 Monument of St Cyril and Methodius and square 35 Mothers of Macedonia monument at night 36 Phillip II of Macedon fountain
37 Alexander the Great statue 38 View of Mt Vodno from Stone bridge 39 Porta Macedonia 40 Porta Macedonia
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