The old Turkish Bazar lies north of the Vardar river, northeast of the Macedonia square. Here is where most historic, Ottoman era buildings are located. These were built after the Ottoman conquest of Skopje in 1392. The Skopje fortress or Kale fortress lies on a hill overlooking Skopje. The first fortress was built in 6th century AD under the Byzantine emperor Justinian I. It was further expanded in 10th and 11th centuries and later in the Ottoman period. From the fortress there is a good view of Skopje and the Vardar river.
01 Skopje fortress 02 Fortress towers 03 Fortress towers
04 Kale fortress 05 Skopje fortress 06 Mustafa Pasha mosque
07 Fortress inner court 08 Fortress walls 09 Fortress walls 10 Old Turkish bazaar
11 Old Turkish bazaar 12 Street in old bRestaurant in old bazaarar 13 Old Turkish bazaar 14 Street in old bazaar 15 Old Turkish bazaar
16 Restaurant in old bazaar 17 Skopje fortress 18 Riverfront
19 Skopje fortress at night 20 Skopje fortress at night
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