The Middle East is a not so precisely defined term. In this context we consider as Middle East the southwestern part of Asia including Turkey, Syria, Iraq, the Lebanon, Israel and the countries of the Arabian peninsula (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen etc.). Egypt is considered as part of North Africa. The dominant religion of the region is Islam, but there are also relatively small Christian and Jewish minorities in the Middle East. Three of the world's main religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, originated here. The region is desertic in the south and temperate in the north and along the mediterranean coast. Most economies in this region are either developed or well-off due to their oil revenues. Because of the presence of huge oil reserves the Middle East has a huge strategic significance. The Middle East conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is a major source of instability for the region and the world.
Turkey photo gallery  - 852 pictures of Turkey
Jordan photo gallery  - 423 pictures of Jordan
Syria photo gallery  - 114 pictures of Syria
852 photos of Turkey, a western Asian country, the successor state to the Ottoman empire
423 photos of Jordan, a small country in the Middle East home to the ancient city of Petra
114 photos of Syria, a country in the Middle East with a very ancient civilisation
United Arab Emirates photo gallery  - 708 pictures of United Arab Emirates
Oman photo gallery  - 799 pictures of Oman
Lebanon photo gallery  - 550 pictures of Lebanon
708 photos of the United Arab Emirates, a Middle Eastern country located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula
799 photos of Oman, a country located on the southeastern corner of the Arabian peninsula
550 photos of Lebanon, a small Middle East country on the Mediterranean sea with a rich history and cultural heritage
Israel photo gallery  - 147 pictures of Israel
Saudi Arabia photo gallery  - 1076 pictures of Saudi Arabia
147 photos of Israel, a country in the Middle East, birthplace of Judaism and Christianity
1076 photos of Saudi Arabia, the largest country of the Arabian peninsula
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