Tyre (صور‎, Ṣūr or Soûr in Arabic) is a city along the coast of southern Lebanon, located 82 km south of Beirut and less than 20 km north of the border to Israel. It's a small city of 60000 inhabitants, the current headquarter of the UNIFIL mission. The population of Tyre is a predominantly Shiite muslim with a small Christian community.
Tyre was founded around 2750 BC and was a great Phoenician city that reigned over the seas and founded prosperous colonies such as Cadiz and Carthage. Conquered by the Persians in 539 BC, it passed to the Greek in 332 BC. It became part of the Roman empire in 64 BC, and was later ruled by several different empires.
Tyre is of interest for tourists due to the Al Mina and Al Bass archaeological areas (nowadays UNESCO world heritage sites), where there are ruins of the Roman period.
The historic core of Tyre extends on a peninsula. On its northern side there is a harbour for fishermen. South of the harbour there is a small, but picturesque souk.
How to get to Tyre
Tyre can be easily visited as a daytrip from Beirut, for instance by car. The 82 km separating the cities can be covered in a bit over an hour, if there is no traffic jam.
There are a few hotels bookable through the hotel portals in Tyre.
01 Lebanese bank 02 House ruins 03 Colonnaded street in Al Mina site 04 Al Mina site
05 Al Mina Roman ruins 06 Al Mina site
07 Al Mina site 08 Al Mina site 09 Al Mina Roman ruins
10 Al Mina Roman ruins 11 Al Mina Roman ruins 12 Triumphal arch 13 Triumphal arch 14 Roman road in Al-Bass
15 Triumphal arch 16 Triumphal arch 17 Al-Bass archaeological site 18 Al-Bass archaeological site 19 Al-Bass ruins
20 Tribune in Al-Bass 21 View through gate 22 Tribune in Al-Bass 23 Tribune in Al-Bass 24 Columns in Al-Bass 25 Al-Bass archaeological site
26 Al-Bass archaeological site 27 Roman hippodrome 28 Al-Bass archaeological site
29 Al-Bass archaeological site
30 Tribune in Al-Bass 31 Roman hippodrome
32 Tribune in Al-Bass 33 Roman tribune in Al-Bass
34 Al-Bass archaeological site 35 Mosaic in Al-Bass 36 Girls next to snack shop
37 Virgin Mary statue 38 Harbour 39 Harbour 40 Waterfront
41 Bags shop in souk 42 Nuts sweet 43 Nuts sweet seller 44 Nuts sweet seller 45 Yellow and pink nuts sweets
46 Lebanese fast food 47 Souk 48 Souk 49 Fish shop 50 Jeweller shop
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