Mzaar Kfardebian is the premier, most modern, glitzy and best-equipped ski resort in Lebanon. It is located about 50 northeast of Beirut on the slopes of the Mount Lebanon mountain range. The skiing area ranges between 1830m and 2465m above sea level and has 20 lifts, 42 slopes and 80 kilometers of ski trails.
The Mzaar ski resort is open from December to Mid April.
The ski resort lies above the village of Faraya and has two main parking areas, 1.8km from each other. It lies on the road between Beirut and Baalbek. The ski resort was first set up in 1960 with one ski lift and grew until the Lebanese civil war. After the civil war the resort reopened and was further expanded.
How to get to Mzaar
It's possible to reach the resort by car or taxi from Beirut. The trip takes a bit over an hour.
There are many hotels in and around the Mzaar Kfardebian ski resort, all bookable via the booking portals
01 Road to Mzaar in Hariqa 02 Wooden bakery 03 Pastry shop 04 Pastries
05 Mount Lebanon 06 Snow covered Lebanese mountains
07 Snow covered Lebanese mountains 08 Mzaar parking area
09 Mzaar ski resort 10 Ski lift 11 Chair lift
12 Ski slopes 13 Ski slopes 14 Ski lift 15 Ski slopes
16 Ski slopes 17 Ski slopes
18 Refuge skiing area 19 Ski slopes
20 Warde parking area 21 Warde skiing area
22 Ski lift 23 Chair lift 24 Snow mountain 25 Warde skiing area
26 Warde skiing area 27 Second parking area
28 Second parking area 29 Snow covered slopes
30 Snow covered slopes 31 Road and snowy slopes
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