The Cedars of God (in Arabic: أرز الربّ‎ Arz ar-Rabbis) a small patch of Lebanon cedar forest located on the slopes of the Jebel Makmel mountain, at an altitude between 1900m and 2050m, five km from the town of Bcharre. Lebanon is famous for its cedar forests, but due to extensive logging cedar forests are nowadays very rare in Lebanon and Cedars of God is one of the few spots where there still are original cedar forests. Some of the trees are 1500-2000 years old and up to 40m tall. 375 old trees are left, but currently reforestation efforts are ongoing. Near the forest there is a ski resort with six lifts. This is in operation from December to April, depending on the snow conditions. The Cedars of God have been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1998.
How to get to the Cedars of God
The simplest way is to drive by car or take a taxi. From the coast it takes about 1-1:30 hours to reach the Cedars of God. The road from the coast continues across the mountains to the Bekaa valley.
There are several hotels at the Cedars of God, most of them for people skiing in the area.
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