Byblos is a small city along the Lebanese coast, about 35km northeast of Beirut. It has a beautiful historic core and an ancient harbour. The archaeological area of Byblos includes a 12th century crusader castle and ruins of ancient temples and Bronze age settlements. Byblos has been settled for over 7000 years and has seen Phoenician, Greek, Roman and Crusader periods. It has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1984.
Byblos is the most picturesque coastal city in Lebanon and attracts a large number of tourists every year. As a consequence, restaurants in the historic core are quite expensive.
From the entrance of the old town, visitors walk through a souq in a pedestrian area past souvenir shops and reach the entry point to the castle and the historical area. From here a narrow toad leads further down to the harbour of Byblos.
How to get to Byblos
Byblos can be reached by car (35 km, about 40 minutes), bus or shared taxi from Beirut. It can be easily visited as a daytrip from Beirut. On the way back to Beirut in the evening there are frequently traffic jams along the coastal road.
There are a number of mid-range hotels in Byblos itself and near Byblos. Alternatively visitors can spend the night in Batroun, which is about 20 minutes by car north of Byblos.
01 Christmas tree 02 Souq 03 Passage 04 Tourist shop 05 Passage through walls
06 Crusader castle 07 Staircase to castle 08 Corridor in castle 09 Windows in castle walls 10 Castle corridor
11 Castle museum 12 Crusader castle 13 Byblos 14 Archaeological area
15 Bronze age settlement 16 Ramparts
17 Byblos 18 View of Byblos towards south
19 Souq 20 Harbour 21 Harbour rea at sunset 22 Ruin of harbour fort
23 Sunset 24 Sunset 25 Pier 26 Fishermen
27 Fishermen 28 Christmas decorations 29 Old town 30 Castle at dusk 31 Crusader castle
32 Passage 33 Souk 34 Passage though houses 35 Jewelry shop 36 Jewelry shop 37 Cafe in pedestrian area
38 Christmas tree 39 Christmas decorations 40 Christmas tree
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