The Beiteddine palace lies not far from Deir al-Qamar. It was built between 1788 and 1818 by the emir Bashir II of the Shihab dynasty.
The palace has a large parking space and is organised in sections. Initially there is Dar al-Baraniyyeh, a large open courtyard measuring 107m x 45m. The middle-court section Dar al-Wousta is richly decorated with mosaics, marquetry, oriental furnishings and Arabic calligraphy. One level lower there is a section with cellars and some mosaics.
Behind the Dar al-Wousta section there is the Dar al-Harim section which contains rooms and the private quarters of the emir.
01 Entrance 02 Dar al-Baraniyyeh courtyard
03 Dar al-Baraniyyeh courtyard 04 Dar al-Baraniyyeh courtyard
05 Dar al-Wousta central section 06 Dar al-Wousta central section 07 Dar al-Wousta central section 08 Cellars 09 Cellars
10 Colonnade 11 Mosaic 12 Dar al-Harim courtyard 13 Room
14 Upper harem 15 Bathroom 16 Hammam 17 Stained glass room
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