The national museum of Beirut was opened in 1942 with items collected in Lebanon after World War I. About 1300 items are exhibited, dating from prehistoric times to the medieval Mamluk period. Exhibits are in a large hall at ground level, a first floor and the basement. It has a leading collection of ancient Phoenician items. The museum was closed and damaged in the Lebanese civil war (1975-90). After 1992 restoration started and the museum was reopened in 1997.
01 National museum of Beirut 02 National museum of Beirut 03 Main hall 04 Right wing
05 Sarcophagus with Achilles legend 06 Sarcophagus with Achilles legend 07 Detail of Achilles legend sarcophagus 08 Seven wise men mosaic 09 Funerary stele
10 Detail of funerary stele 11 Head of emperor Septimius Severus 12 Statue of child 13 Abduction of Europe mosaic 14 Altar with an eagle
15 Jupiter and Ganymede mosaic 16 Marble statue of Hygeia 17 Limestone funerary stele 18 Limestone funerary stele 19 Limestone statue of Colossus 20 Limestone statue of Colossus
21 Sphinx 22 Capital with bull protomes 23 Bas-relief of woman 24 Bull head 25 Bowl
26 Makeup box 27 Cosmetic box 28 Kantharos 29 Alabaster amphora 30 Gorget of king Ip Shemou Abi
31 Pectoral of of king Ip Shemou Abi 32 Gold bracelet 33 Pectoral depicting goddess Hathor 34 Statuette of a god 35 Bronze male figurines
36 Gold dagger and sheath 37 Bronze axe with goddess Anat 38 Fenestrated axe 39 Krater vase 40 Fertility goddess
41 Gold necklace 42 Cythara player 43 Gold funerary ornament 44 Limestone face 45 Limestone face
46 Gold masks 47 Gold masks 48 Gold bracelet with ram heads 49 Necklace with buckles and coins 50 Sarcophagus
51 Decorated cotton dress 52 Manuscript in Estrangelo and Karshuni characters 53 Mummies of Assi el-Hadath cave 54 Row of sarcophagi 55 Row of sarcophagi
56 Goddess Psyche 57 Fragment with Phoenician inscription 58 Fragment with Phoenician inscription 59 Stele with Phoenician inscription
60 Phoenician inscription
61 Collar axes
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