Some photos taken while travelling along roads in southern Laos. Most of the roads are nowadays in a good state, but some in the more remote parts of the Bolaven plateau are just mud tracks. Along route 13 there are some basic petrol stations, where people will manually pump fuel out of a big barrel. The border in Vangtao is nowadays relatively busy, as it is the main entry point to southern Laos.
01 Road in Bolaven plateau 02 Road in Bolaven plateau 03 Road in Bolaven plateau 04 Bus
05 Roadside restaurant 06 Road in Bolaven plateau 07 Bridge 08 Bicycle rider 09 Shell petrol station
10 Lao woman refuelling 11 Small petrol station 12 Small petrol station 13 Lao Thai border in Vangtao 14 Lao Thai border in Vangtao 15 Lao Thai border in Vangtao
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