The city of Busan, also known as Pusan, is the largest harbour city in Korea. With a population of 3.65 million, Busan is also South Korea's second largest metropolis after Seoul. Busan is the so-called summer capital of Korea since it attracts tourists from all over the country to its six beaches. High class hotels and a carnival boardwalk line the Haeundae Beach district, which is generally regarded as the most beautiful beach in Korea. Gwangan Beach is famous for its cafes, bars and restaurants along the beach. The area around Pukyung National University and Kyungsung University has many cafes, bars and restaurants attracting college students and youth. Since 1978, Busan has opened three container ports including Jaseungdae, Shinsundae and Gamman. Busan is renowned as one of the world's largest ports and can handle up to 6.44 million TEU shipping containers per year.
Downtown Busan photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Downtown Busan
Coast near Busan photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Coast near Busan
UN memorial cemetery photo gallery  - 5 pictures of UN memorial cemetery
Busan by night photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Busan by night
Bus trip to Gyeongju photo gallery  - 8 pictures of Bus trip to Gyeongju
16 photos of downtown Busan
14 photos of the coast near Pusan, including the Taejongdae peninsula and the Haeundae beach
5 photos of the United Nations memorial cemetery in Busan
14 photos of the downtown Busan by night
8 photos of the bus trip from Busan to Gyeongju
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