The ALZHIR (Akmolinki Lager Zhen Izmennikov Rodini - Akmol Camp for the Wives of Traitors to the Motherland) is a former concentration camp or GULAG for wives and children of people interned in other Soviet prison camps. The camp has been transformed into an open air museum, with a central museum building with some exhibits showing the life of the prisoners and some objects and structures outside (a railway carriage bringing in new prisoners, a hut for inmates and some monuments and memorials). The camp is located in Malinovka, about 25 km southwest of Astana. It is possible to visit the site by chartering a taxi or renting a car.
01 Arch of sorrow 02 Railway carriage for prisoners 03 Arch of sorrow 04 Stone memorial 05 Stone memorial
06 Museum 07 Museum 08 Museum hall 09 Toruses
10 Personal belongings of inmate 11 Stone memorial with name list 12 Stone memorial with name list
13 Stone memorial with name list 14 Stone memorial with name list 15 Inmate dwelling
16 Door to inmate hut 17 Gulag memorial
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