On the east cliff, also known as Jebel al-Khubtha, are, one next to the other, a number of impressive monument facades all carved into the cliff. These are collectively known as the Royal Tombs. From north to south these are the Palace tomb, the Corinthian tomb, the Silk tomb, the Urn tomb, the tomb of Unayshu and the tomb of the 17 graves.
01 Tomb carved into the rock 02 Tomb carved into the rock 03 Urn tomb 04 Urn tomb and cliff
05 East ridge with tombs 06 East ridge with tombs
07 East ridge with tombs 08 East ridge with tombs 09 Corinthian tomb
10 Palace and Corinthian tombs 11 Corinthian tomb 12 Palace tomb gate 13 Corinthian tomb 14 Corinthian tomb detail 15 Tomb carved into the rock
16 Tomb carved into the rock 17 East ridge with tombs
18 East ridge with tombs
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