Madaba is a small city 30 km to the south of Amman along the former King's Highway trading route. The main reason to visit Madaba is the Church of the Map, which contains a Byzantine period mosaic map of the Holy Land on its ground. This mosaic was likely created in the 6th century AD in a Byzantine church located on the same spot as the current church, which was built in 1884. Besides the Church of the Map, other mosaics have been excavated in Madaba.
01 Church of the Map 02 Church of the Map interior 03 Mosaic map 04 Mosaic map 05 Mosaic map
06 Mosaic map 07 Mosaic map 08 Mosaic map 09 Mosaic map
10 Mosaic map 11 Apostles wall mosaic 12 St George church 13 Roundabout
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