Founded around 170 BC on the site of an older prehistoric age settlement about 50km north of Amman, Jerash (ancient name: Gerasa) is one of the best preserved and most easily accessible Roman sites in the eastern Mediterranean. With the Roman conquest in 63 BC Jerash was incorporated into the Roman province of Syria. In the following century Jerash experienced a period of substantial growth and stability. After the fall of the Roman empire Jerash entered a period of slow decline. The current site is quite large, measuring about 2km from north to south. It consists of a number of more or less well preserved ruins. West of the archaeological site lies the modern city of Jerash.
01 Visitors centre 02 Hadrians arch 03 Hadrians arch 04 Hadrians arch
05 Hadrians arch 06 Path to oval plaza 07 Panorama of ruins
08 Oval forum 09 Oval forum and colonnade 10 Oval forum colonnade
11 Corinthian columns 12 Corinthian column 13 Corinthian columns along path 14 Corinthian columns along path
15 Ruins 16 Cardo maximus colonnaded street 17 Corinthian columns
18 Corinthian columns 19 Colonnaded street 20 Gateway of the Roman temple of Dionysus 21 Staircase 22 Decorated stone panels
23 Decorated stone panel 24 Ruins 25 Ruins
26 Cathedral 27 Staircase 28 Staircase 29 Corinthian columns in Artemis temple 30 Corinthian columns in Artemis temple 31 Corinthian columns in Artemis temple
32 Corinthian columns in Artemis temple 33 Corinthian columns in Artemis temple 34 Corinthian columns in Artemis temple 35 Temple of Artemis 36 Corinthian columns
37 Corinthian columns 38 Cathedral 39 Paved street 40 South theatre
41 South theatre
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