The Kings's Highway is a north-south trade route in Jordan connecting Amman with Petra. In ancient times luxury goods were being traded along this road between Syria and Arabia. A number of interesting sites lie along this old trade route: the biblical site of Mt Nebo, the city of Madaba with its church of the map and the impressive desert scenery to the south.
01 Church of the Map 02 Church of the Map interior 03 Mosaic map 04 Mosaic map 05 Mosaic map
06 Mosaic map 07 Mosaic map 08 Mosaic map 09 Mosaic map
10 Mosaic map 11 Apostles wall mosaic 12 St George church 13 Roundabout 01 Path to Mt Nebo
02 Pope visit memorial 03 Stone with inscriptions 04 Abu Badd rolling stone 05 Floor mosaics 06 Floor mosaics
07 Palestino-Aramaic inscription from the Kayanos church 08 Greek inscription from 762 AD 09 Vase with flowers mosaic 10 Mosaic from the Kayanos church
11 Church ruins 12 Church ruins 13 Church ruins
14 View towards the west 15 Brazen serpent statue 01 Road to Petra at sunset 02 Road to Petra at sunset
03 Desert at sunset 04 Road to Petra at sunset 05 Road to Petra at sunset
06 Road to Petra at sunset 07 Kings highway
08 Kings highway
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