The Desert Castles are a number of early Islamic era buildings located up to 60km east of Amman. These are actually not castles, but palaces, hunting lodges, caravanserais and farmhouses, serving as urban retreats for the rulers of the Umayyad dynasty living in Amman. The desert castles were mostly set up in the 7th century AD. They can be visited by driving in a loop starting from Amman and ending in Amman. The simplest way to visit all castles is by rental car from Amman, although tours to the castles exist.
01 Qasr Harraneh 02 Qasr Harraneh 03 Qasr Harraneh 04 Main gate 05 Crenel
06 Wall with crenels 07 Main gate 08 Corner tower 09 Inner court 10 Room with arched roof
11 Room with arched roof 12 Room with arched roof 13 Inner court 01 Administrative building
02 Qusayr Amra desert castle 03 Qusayr Amra desert castle 04 Qusayr Amra desert castle
05 Qusayr Amra desert castle 06 Qusayr Amra desert castle 07 Zodiac painting on caldarium dome 08 Wall paintings
09 Wall paintings 10 Wall paintings 11 Frescos 12 Frescos
13 Wall paintings 14 Frescos 15 Fresco 16 Frescos
17 Ceiling fresco 18 Ceiling fresco 19 Ceiling fresco 20 Frescos
21 Frescos 01 Mosque 02 Castle ruins 03 Castle ruins
04 Castle ruins 05 Castle ruins 06 Castle ruins 07 Castle ruins
08 Mosque 09 Mosque
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