The Baptism site is an archaeological site on the river Jordan, about 40km west of Jordan, close to the border to the West Bank. This is thought to be the site of the ancient city of Bethany-beyond-the-Jordan, where John the Baptist lived and where the baptism of Jesus Christ took place. The site tourists visit is an area with reeds around Wadi Kharrar, about 1km to the north of the Dead Sea. A number of archaelogical sites have been excavated here. Tourists leave the car or bus at the visitor centre. The entry ticket is 7 JOD/person (kids don't pay) and tourists have to take a shuttle service to access the Baptism site a few km away, because this lies in a military zone. Visitors see a number of places spread over the area, some with churches of different confessions. The site is best visited in winter because in the summer the temperatures are unbearably high.
01 Olive trees 02 Mountains towards the Dead Sea 03 Administrative building
04 View of the plains towards west 05 Jordan river 06 Jordan river 07 Jordan river
08 St John Baptist church 09 St John Baptist church 10 St John Baptist church 11 St John Baptist church 12 St John Baptist church
13 St John Baptist church 14 St John Baptist church 15 Platform on Jordan river 16 Jordan river 17 Church of St John Baptist
18 Church of St John Baptist 19 Church of St John Baptist 20 Baptism painting 21 Baptism pool
22 Baptism pool
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