The area south of Ueno station is full of big and small restaurant, food stalls, souvenir shops and gaming centres such as Pachinko parlors. It's an area of narrow alleys, frequently visited by tourists who just finished visiting the nearby Tokyo National Museum.
01 Pedestrian crossing 02 Pedestrian crossing 03 Skyscrapers and billboards 04 Ueno train station 05 Ueno train station
06 Pasela restaurant and karaoke 07 Storefront with billboards 08 Storefront with billboards 09 Pachinko parlour billboard 10 Pachinko parlour billboard 11 Alley with shops
12 Advertising boards and neon signs 13 Maguro-Ichiba noodles restaurant 14 Snack restaurant 15 Snack restaurant 16 Pachinko parlour at night
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